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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

BLACK GIRL DIGITAL is the brand that articulates the voice and consumer touch in all of our black female influencer campaigns. InfluencerLINKR (iLINKR) is the technology that manages and measures the activation between the influencer and our clients.  Supporting black women has been our mission since we launched back in 2016 and our focus remains the same. Our goal has been to consistently reinvent ourselves to better service both influencer and customer. With that goal in mind, birthed iLINKR, our influencer relationship management tool.

iLINKR, the #1 solution for booking and managing black and multicultural influencer campaigns. Powered by Black Girl Digital.

In partnership with Imani, we are able to provide a solution that helps us achieve our goal- to better serve. iLINKR not only allows us to manage the communication with our influence it also allows our customers to better manage and reactivate their diverse influencer campaigns while viewing metrics in real-time. Our dashboard relieves the thought of "Is my campaign live?"  Our customers are able to see exactly where we are in the process. Having this tool truly allows for more effective campaign planning and activation.  What we value most is the ability to view influencer insights that include follower credibility. This helps us identify the percentage of real followers vs. Fake followers - one of the biggest concerns in the industry to-date. As a marketing agency, it's important to us that we are constantly solving problems, especially for our customers. We knew we needed a tool that would help all partners -influencers, talent agents, and brands. 

iLINKR App Powered by Black Girl Digital - Now accepting influencers


Struggle with efficient communication. They are being inundated with emails and DM's. So how can they actually filter through the crap and not miss out on a legit brand deal?

Through our iLINKR App, they would receive a push notification that is easily identifiable. This solves lost emails, missed text messages, and unwanted DM's. It also allows us to vet all influencers. Download the App in the Apple store or get it at Google Play.

Talent Agents

They struggle with managing multiple influencer campaigns and not having one consistent place to do it all. In speaking with a few agents, many still have to log in to multiple accounts to manage their influencers, if they use an influencer marketing tool or platform. Within iLINKR they have access to their own dashboard where they can manage the campaigns on behalf of their influencers, now all the influencers would need to do is create the content!

Brands and Agencies

The main struggle is managing influencer campaigns at scale, in addition to sourcing diverse influencers. Also, having a reliable system that manages metrics is just as important. The iLINKR dashboard allows them to approve and decline influencers, view the influencer insights, approve and provide feedback on all custom content, see exactly where we are in the campaign process, as well as view real-time metrics.

iLINKR Dashboard Powered by Black Girl Digital

Having access to such a powerful tool, as a Black Female Influencer Marketing Agency, really helps our customers and clients build more effective influencer campaigns. We want to make sure we are always providing the best solutions to all parties involved. If you're looking to diversify your influencer marketing campaign contact a member of the BLACK GIRL DIGITAL iLINKR team today for your free consultation.

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